Inside My Dreams - Single

by Evan DeGirolamo with Emily Charash

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Inside My Dreams in the first single off of Vegas' Child - EP. Dreamy synths and a jazzy piano accompany Evan's hazy vocals as the track takes you on a dreamlike drive through a dystopian Nevada desert.

Vocals & Lyrics By Evan DeGirolamo
Instrumentation & Production By Emily Charash
Mixed & Mastered By Cody Hale
Artwork By Kristen DeGirolamo
Typography By Emma Seager


[Verse 1]
If you want me you know where I’ll be
Flyin down the highway and the backstreets
You can never sneak your way inside my dreams

So if you wanna come and find me
I’ll be dancin’ in the desert in the southwest heat
I’ll be thousands of miles away from you

I’m sorry if you cannot take it
But when I’m up dancing I’m Vegas’ favorite
And I’m happy I got away from you

Drivin’ down the strip
The lights are all I’ve ever wished
Green neon in the sky
And it’s all that life can give
Inside my dreams

[Verse 2]
If you wanna come and ride with me
I’ll have to say “No, I’m sorry my king”
God knows you ain’t no Dallesandro

Now you sit there with your switchblade
Wondering what to do next
He really liked his hands around my neck

When someone wants the best of me
They get left with nothing
And I still got my head, or at least what’s left

[Chorus Variation]
Everything feels right
Like St. Mark's in summertime
Everything was worth it
And I don’t feel the blues no more
Inside my Dreams

You walked in circles around me
While I’m on the ground
You walked in circles around me
While I’m fadin’ out
You walked in circles around me
Not one dream around

Do your thing
Get clean
See the things you wanna see
Do your thing
Get Clean
Be the one you always dreamed
Do your thing
Only you can save yourself
Do your thing


released July 8, 2017
Vocals & Lyrics By Evan DeGirolamo
Instrumentation & Production By Emily Charash
Mixed & Mastered By Cody Hale



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Evan DeGirolamo New York, New York

Their sound delivers a concisely crafted tone without reservation. The hints of jazzy piano when combined with heavy R&B synths create a uniquely dreamy, yet equally enigmatic feel to his tone, leaving you wanting more of this perplexing contradiction. Every second walks the line between giving into the darkness and floating away into space, all mediated by Evan’s hauntingly resonating vocals. ... more

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